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Bluemix is an implementation of IBM’s Open Cloud Architecture, based on Cloud Foundry, that enables you to rapidly create, deploy, and manage your cloud applications. Because Bluemix is based on Cloud Foundry, you can tap into a growing ecosystem of runtime frameworks and services. In addition to providing additional frameworks and services, Bluemix provides a dashboard for you to create, view, and manage your applications and services as well as monitor your application’s resource usage. The Bluemix dashboard also provides the ability to manage organizations, spaces, and user accessFor organizations, Bluemix provides a cloud platform that requires very little in-house technical know-how as well as cost savings. Bluemix provides the rapid development environment organizations need to react to users’ demands for new features. The Bluemix platform and the cloud provide the elasticity and capacity flexibility organizations require when their applications explode in popularity.

For users, Bluemix represents the key that enables organizations to quickly deliver the features they demand.


Internet of Things :

Internet of Things category provides services to create the new generation of applications that are capturing data from Internet. These are the two main services currently in the Internet of Things category: Internet of Things (IBM) (third party) The IBM Internet of Things service lets your apps communicate with and retrieve data collected by your connected devices, sensors, and gateways. Our recipes make it easy to get devices connected to our Internet of Things cloud. Your apps can then use our real-time and REST APIs to communicate with your devices and use the data that you have set them up to collect. This service helps you reach two important goals: Connect your devices securely to the cloud Before your apps can get to work, you need to get your devices connected. We have a set of verified instructions, or “recipes,” for connecting devices, sensors, and gateways from a variety of partners and individuals. Build an app that talks to your devices Communication between your devices and the cloud is through the open, lightweight MQTT protocol. For example, you might have a sensor that collects and sends humidity readings every minute. Our REST and real-time APIs enable you to quickly pull that device’s data into your apps for further analysis.

Systems of record and systems of engagement:

Systems of record include applications and databases that store business records and automate standardized processes. Systems of engagement are capabilities that expand the usefulness of systems of record and make them more engaging to users. By integrating a system of record with the application that you create in Bluemix, you can perform the following actions: Enable secure communication between the application and the backend database by downloading and installing a secure connector on premise. Invoke a database in a secure way. Create APIs from integration flows with databases and backend systems, such as customer relationship management system. Show only the schemas and tables that you want to be exposed to the application. As a Bluemix organization manager, publish an API as a private service that is visible only to your organization members.. To integrate a system of record with the applications that you create in Bluemix, use the Cloud Integration service. By using this service, you can create a Cloud Integration API and publish the API as a private service for your organization: Cloud Integration API A Cloud Integration API provides secured access to the systems of record that reside behind a firewall through web APIs. When you create the Cloud Integration API, you choose the resource that you want to access through the web API, specify the operations that are permitted, and include software development kits (SDKs) and samples to access the API. Private service A private service consists of a Cloud Integration API, SDKs, and entitlement policies. The private service might also contain documentation or other items from the service provider. Only the organization manager can publish a Cloud Integration API as a private service. To see the private services that are available to you, select the Private check box in the Bluemix catalog. You can select and bind a private service to an application without connecting to the Cloud Integration service. You bind private services to your application in the same way as you do for other Bluemix services.Incorporating Robotic technology in Business Operations


Create a mobile app and connect to system of record :

Assume that you’re an application developer who wants to evaluate the scenario of creating a rich mobile application to connect to your system of record. Bluemix provides a platform where you can integrate your mobile app, cloud services, and enterprise systems of record to provide an application that interacts with your on-premises data. For example, you can build a mobile app to interact with your customer relationship management system that resides on-premises behind a firewall. You can invoke the system of record in a secure way and use the mobile services in Bluemix so that you can build a rich mobile application. First, your integration developer creates the mobile backend application in Bluemix. He uses the Mobile Cloud boilerplate that uses the Node.js run time that he is most familiar with. Then, by using the Cloud Integration service in the Bluemix user interface, he exposes an API through a secure connector. Your integration developer downloads the secure connector and installs it on your premises to enable secure communication between his API and the database. After he creates the database endpoint, he can look at all the schemas and extract the tables that he wants to expose as APIs to the application. Your integration developer adds the Push service to deliver mobile notifications to interested consumers. He also adds a business partner service to tweet when a new customer record is created with a Twitter API. Next, as the application developer, you can log in to Bluemix, download the Android development toolkit, and develop code that invokes the APIs that your integration developer created. You can develop a mobile application that enables users to enter their information on their mobile devices. The mobile app then creates customer records in the customer management system. When the records are created, the application pushes a notification to a mobile devices and initiates a tweet about each new record.

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