Human Resources And The Strategies Of The Organization

Human Resources And The Strategies Of The Organization

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Human Resources And The Strategies Of The Organization

The guest model was developed by David Guest in the year 1997.This model shows how the activities related to the management of Human Resources and the strategies of the organization. This model suggests that HRM should be used in a manner to make the employees highly committed to the organization and are of high quality. (Petra University, (n.d))

It is essential for the HRM to instil the trait of commitment towards the organization as it leads to enhanced employee participation, more contribution and co-operation.

High quality employees are those that are qualified in terms of their job requirements and causes maximum productivity. A coherent strategy devised to attain to get high quality employees will help getting the desired results. (Marsden, 2002)

Human Resources And The Strategies Of The Organization

Guest Model at Harrods

  • Qatar Holdings, the current owner of the Harrods are extremely commited to the well- being and the development of the employees.
  • They believe in achieving high quality employees by engaing them keeping them well motivated and satisfied
  • According to Guest model , Harrods is putting stress on effective recruitment of the employees that are suitable and skilled according to the job requirement
  • Performance of the employees are given stress .Strategies are made to make the employees perform to their full potential
  • Harrods believes in developemnt of their employees and encouraging the building of long term career
  • Employee participation is encouraged ar Harrods
  • Harrods are taking significant measures to retain their employees by making them satisfied at their jobs
  • Harrods according to the Guest Model are aiming at achieving ‘High quality employees

(The Times, (n.d))

1.2- Comparing the differences between Storey’s definitions of HRM, Personnel and IR practices, by reflecting the HRM practices at Harrods and choose a similar organization which has adopted Personnel or IR practices

According to Professor John Storey, HRM is a unique way of approaching the management of employment. HRM is based on achieving competitive advantage by means of strategic deployment to achieve a workforce that is highly efficient.

The techniques used to achieve a competent workforce may be structural, personal or cultural. (Owen, (n.d))

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