Eleonora Laura Tilvic Managing Business
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Eleonora Laura Tilvic Managing Business


Part 1

Explain how the different departments in CCC would need to work together for the organisation to effectively meet their goals. Identify at least 5 departmental links

An organization can effectively attain its goals if all the departments work together to fulfil the purpose of the organization. The cool car company has the following departments;

Collaborating the functioning of various departments towards achieving organizational goals is identified as an efficient tool.

At CCC the method to achieve the objective of the firm would be analysing the current state of the firm and then mapping it with where does the organization want to reach in the future would be effective. Senior management should be vigilant to see that different departments are working in coordination.(Jump Business Solutions, 2014)

Eleonora Laura Tilvic Managing Business

At the CCC the deaprtments functgion together and are linked to each other

The Marketing team at CCC conducts market researches to find efficient ways to sell the cars at best prices.It also has the promontional department that decides which promotional measure will attract more clientele. Once the customers are arrtracted by the activities of the marketing department, the sales team conducts the final stage of marketing procees that is composed of devising the 4P’s of the company. The buying team at CCC buys old cars and the sale steam sells them maintaining profits

Explain the processes that CCC might go through to identify their aims and objectives and ensure that the company’s operations enable them to meet them

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