Alina Mihaela Tancu Organisational Behaviour

Alina Mihaela Tancu Organisational Behaviour

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Alina Mihaela Tancu Organisational Behaviour


Organisational culture constitutes the common values, fundamental principles, beliefs and rules that exists within an organisation and shared by all the members. The culture is formed by the evolution of the traditions and history of the organisation. The culture determines behaviour and the attitude of people within the organisation. This culture is responsible for determining the style of leadership and the structure of the organisation.

Organisational behaviour is gaining lots of importance and stress recently as it helps managing people in the organisation.

The behaviour is directly linked to the culture and the structure of the organisation. Satisfied employees are the ones who retain themselves in the firm for long term. Inappropriate culture and inefficient leadership style leads to high turnovers.

This report is a study of the organisational structure, culture, and behaviour and leadership style. Two of the giants of the UK business industries namely ASDA of the grocery chain and the British Airways of the airline business have been taken as an example in this report to help create a clear understanding taking the examples of successful businesses.

TASK 1: Understanding the relationship between organisational structure and culture

1.1-Comparing and contrasting the organisation structure and culture of ASDA PLC to that of British airlines.

Organisational culture of the British Airways

Alina Mihaela Tancu Organisational Behaviour

As the British airways operate both in the sky (in the flights) as well as ground, it has two different cultures owing to the differences in area of operation. So we can say this company has adopted contrasting cultures to gain competitive advantage. The culture of the flight crew of this organization is customer centric and very hospitable. Whereas, the ground staffs has a competitive and strategic culture.

British Airways has the Transactional Leadership style as this company lays focus on the clarification and the implementation of goals, the operations and their results and objectives. Here people get performance based rewards, these results in motivated workforce. The leadership style is very good and helps to achieve employee motivation and their participation which ultimately leads to organizational stability.

BA also has a supportive nature of leadership in contrast to the style which existed earlier. Employees here are empowered by training and motivation. It gives authority to people to participate in the decision making process. (Airways, 2009)

TASK 1: Understanding the relationship between organisational structure and culture
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