BIZ102 -Understanding People Organisation

In this reflective journal, the basic definition and importance of self-awareness and emotional intelligence will be understood. It will include my viewpoints and opinions that I have found most relevant in assessing the impact of emotional intelligence in organisational contexts. This journal will discuss the strategies that enhance interactions in a diverse workplace. In addition to this, I will reflect on the identified strengths and opportunities for self-improvement and professional development.

 Explain the importance of self- awareness and emotional intelligence, and analyse its impact on professional competencies

BIZ102 -Understanding People OrganisationAs reported by the (, 2018), that in leadership, self-awareness is regarded as the most important capability for the leaders to inspire, motivate and train themselves up. It has been seen that successful leaders are naturally aware of their inclinations and use knowledge to elevate it whenever required. In a study, it has been found that self-awareness is underlying behind the success of many organizations. Korn/Ferry International found that the companies whose financial performance is good tend to have staff having higher-levels of self-awareness than poorly performing organizations. Self-awareness is a component of emotional intelligence. Emotional intelligence can be understood with a person’s activities with the stimulus of an action. It plays a crucial impact on the self-development of a manager or a leader.  Thus, it is clear that the impact of emotional intelligence is significant on professional competencies. Some of them are briefly discussed below.

  • It helps the workers to progress further in their careers- EI (Emotional Intelligence) affects the everyday performance of the workers on which promotion, compensation, and firing are done. Workers who have positive EI stay more focused on their work and have exhibited more patience and endurance as compared to the workers who have negative EI (, 2018).
  • EI plays a crucial role in mental well-being- Positive EI helps a person to be content and have a happier outlook on both professional and personal life. People with positive EI can empathize other people’s issues and resolve them smartly. Thus, they possess a great ability to balance emotions.
  • They play a crucial role in developing physical health- It stimulates people’s willpower and provides strength to cope with the daily strains and difficulties of life. Though there is less scientific evidence that shows the link between emotional intelligence and physical health. With people’s viewpoints, it has been realized.

   Integrate strategies to effectively interact with others in a diverse professional context

In the professional context, the workforce becomes productive when the environment of the workplace supports diversity that balances the pressure of the management body, time and cost. I have come across several articles and researches that stated information regarding effective communication in the workplace, but I believe sticking to the basics is the right way to understand and integrate strategies. I liked an article from AG professional that briefed four ways in making effective interaction in a diverse workplace. They are given below (, 2018).

  • Having a clear mind, vision, and objective in the workplace.
  • Keeping ourselves aware of people’s backgrounds and respect them.
  • Practicing active listening.
  • Assessing self-communication both verbal and non-verbal.
  • Keeping a personal touch.

Apart from these, my personal viewpoint in enhancing interaction in a diverse workplace is to create an environment that employees of all cultures and communities can engage themselves by clarifying and ensuring organization’s vision and objectives. It is very much important to ensure that the senior personnel of an organization should not take decisions not based on personal opinions or discriminations.

     Identify and reflect on own strengths and their application in the business context

According to me, effective interaction in the workplace has many strengths and applications in the business context. Some of them are illustrated below.

  1. Effective communication enhances productivity in the workplace – According to the researchers; lateral group work communication improves the performance of the organization. They have found that the employees who performed best in organizations were effectively communicated from the higher officials.
  2. It enhances job satisfaction- Employees are overwhelmed if they are praised and have upward communication. This type of communication is established when the information goes upward in an organization consisting of feedbacks.
  3. Quality communication builds trust and security among the employees- The flow of communication is very important to the workers. Employees get the feel of security and trust within the organisation to stay committed. It has been revealed from the studies that the organisation who exhibited effective communication in the workplace have retained their employees for a longer period.

d) Reflect on feedback to identify opportunities for self-improvement and professional development

Based on the above-discussed, the significance of effective communication in a diverse workplace is the opportunities for personal and professional development provides employees choice, flexibility, and ownership of the learning. According to me, it balances in meeting professional and personal goals. It motivates the employees to grow and to learn new initiatives. Some of the opportunities based on my reflections are briefly discussed below

  • It assists the employees in creating their own agenda and purpose for self and professional development.
  • It encourages the employees in finding out the resources, tools, and services instead of requiring enterprise resources, tools, and services.
  • It enlightens the employees to document their improvement and to share the development plans, essential learning and achievements not just with the teams but with the entire organisation. In this way, everyone in the organisation can benefit from the knowledge and skills that have been developed.


In this reflective journal, the understanding of self-awareness and its relation to the emotional intelligence have been done. I expressed my views in improving interaction with others in a diverse workplace. This journal included statistics and data from various articles and journals. I identified the strengths and opportunities for personal and professional development.

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