BIZ101 – Business Communications


Assessment 1 is designed to demonstrate research and referencing skills that should be applied to academic studies and in business communication scenarios. This requires students to use information seeking, reading and critical thinking skills to identify, analyse and synthesise information from various sources. It assumes students will apply the principles of academic integrity, and use APA 6th edition referencing style.

Assessment Instructions

Part A: Summarising

Read the extract taken from an eBook resource (provided) on the topic of business

communication technology.

Write a summary of the extract, identifying the main points and reference in-text as appropriate (approximately 150-200 words).

BIZ101 – Business CommunicationsPart B: Researching, Writing and Referencing

Therefore consider the main points you highlighted in your summary, and conduct further research to widen your understanding of the topic.

Then, write two paragraphs expanding on the original topic (approximately 500-600 words). You should draw from the resources from your research to support your ideas and demonstrate critical thinking about the topic.


  1. Locate two (2) peer-reviewed journal articles relevant to the topic from the library
  2. Locate two (2) other types of resources that support the topic, for instance books, ebooks, YouTube, conference proceedings, film, television, radio, podcast, websites, and social media.

Ensure you include direct quotes and paraphrases as appropriate to support your reasoning.

Reference correctly including in-text citations and a full reference list using APA

6th ed. style. Please see the Academic Skills page on Blackboard for information on referencing in APA 6th ed. style: 163_1&content_id=_2498847_1&mode=reset

Uploading your assessment

  1. Ensure you have a title page with ALL the information required.
  2. Submit a ‘Word’ document only. A pdf file is not acceptable.
  3. Upload your assessment to Turnitin first (compulsory) to self-check the similar areas of text found in your submission.
  4. Therefore upload both your assessment and Turnitin similarity report into the Assessments section of the learning portal using the submission link for Assessment 1- Referencing assessment. Important: If you upload to Turnitin only, your facilitator cannot see your assessment in the grading area, and it therefore cannot be graded.
  5. Use Google Chrome or Firefox browser to upload. Safari browser often does not work.

Hint: Submit to Turnitin at least one day before the due date. This will allow time to revise your assessment to enhance its quality, check the accuracy of your referencing, correct any other grammatical and spelling mistakes and avoid plagiarism before you submit.Your facilitator’s feedback can be viewed in My Grades.

Academic integrity

Locate and read the academic integrity policy and view the Academic Integrity Module in Blackboard (main menu in your subject page). It is your responsibility to observe the principles of academic integrity – or academic honesty. The assessment you submit must be entirely your own work. Serious penalties apply for any incidences of academic dishonesty.