BIZ 101-Business Communications Assessment

BIZ 101-Business Communications Assessment

Background of the study:

The issues of internal communication have been identified in the plant that has been done before this report. With the advent of a more globalized approach of commercial activities in the world, it has had several impacts on the business and communication process along with other factors such as the linguistic difference in identities, geographical barriers, inappropriate functioning of the management body, the instances of which can be said to be justified in case of Multinational company such as the National Australia Bank. This report shall pay insights into carrying wide and deeper research on the different factors that hinder and affects proper internal communication between management body and employees. The aftermaths of poor communication shall be pointed out and required recommendations shall be provided at the last part, which in turn shall help in the process of eradicating them.

1.2 The problem statement:

BIZ 101-Business Communications AssessmentThe problem here is ‘With the world economy tending towards a more globalized approach, what are the various challenges/ hindrances in field of employee communication that are faced by National Australia Bank which is giving rise to top issues in the way of reaching out and engaging with the task force.’

1.3 Purpose of the report:

The primary purpose of the report is:

  • To understand the different factors that are hindering proper reaching out of the management body and engaging with the employees in the organization.

The secondary purpose is:

  • To understand the context and role of globalization and other factors affecting the overall scenario of communication with employees in the organization.
  • To sort out ways which can improve engagement and business communication.

 2.0 Discussion

2.1 Impact of Globalization on Internal Communication

Globalization has been a great factor that influences the consideration of various actions and responsibilities by the business organization as per the line of action that is chosen by them. In the case of the National Australia Bank, the organization has been performing and dealing with various countries such as New Zealand and other Asiatic nations such as India, China, Japan, Indonesia, Vietnam, etc. (apart from its home country) (National Australia Bank, 2018). The factor of Globalization has brought in the need for the use of social media in order to be able to keep a connection with the variety of the department working in cross-cultural boundaries and over nations (Menon, 2017).

Social media also helps them to keep in touch with customers and other stakeholders. With the more use of social media, communication through emails and other means have somehow got affected. Many a time it is seen that employees remain engaged in social media communism and fail to look or check for their mails and this brings in issues in the way of official and formal mechanics of communication in organizations practiced in places such as the National Australia Bank (, 2018).

Further, the National Australian Bank being a multinational organization itself spans around many of the countries and continental boundaries. Different kinds of people work and perform across various of the branches located at different places. Thus, maintaining a central communication mechanism by the home branch in Australia becomes a hectic task. Coordinating with several branches at a time, transferring data, and updating all records somewhat becomes a hectic task for the employees as well as management bodies (Gould, 2018). This gives rise to miscommunication and chances of errors among employees and management bodies across the various branches located globally.

2.2 Impact of times zones on Internal Communication

The difference in time zones can also be pointed out to be an equally big issue in comparison to Globalization as a factor. The Bank has branches across various parts of the globe and due to such differences in distance and location, they fall under different countries. Each of the daily activities has to be carried as per the time zone of that respective place. Differences in time zones can stretch from 12 to 15 hours as per the difference in the global positioning of the branches (Erkkila, 2018). The difference in time zones welcomes huge issues in maintaining uniformity in work mechanisms and overall communication systems. The instructions are given from any part of the parent branch may not get a proper response or the required action from a branch located in another country with a different time Zone (, 2018).

If the time zones have huge differences, then the delay maybe for a day reflecting upon a huge chance of miscommunication between various of the branches considered (Quirke, 2017). It is also noticed that several errors are committed by the staff present at different time zones due to lack of the proper specification of time elements in the work. This allows more complexities to creep in inside the daily schedule of activities undertaken by the National Australian Bank. The presence of a millennial workforce across different places also leads to issues of inaccurate management and making them do their work within the time limit and keep a unified monitoring system functioning above them.

2.3 Impact of linguistic and cultural difference in Internal Communication

The presence of multilingualism is also a great problem in the path of establishing a unified and smooth method of communication in the workplace. The National Australian Bank function as multinational concerns and its activities spans around different parts of the world (National Australia Bank, 2018). Naturally, each branch has a different kind of people working in them. Further, in Australia as well as many of the branches being located in cosmopolitan cities, there are different kinds of employees descending from diverse cultural, ethnic, and linguistic backgrounds (Mishra et al. 2018). The difference in culture and language brings in berries in the conversion of information and message by following any kind of unified language.

Moreover, due to poor translations even, the messages that are being transmitted, received, or perceived get misinterpreted or distorted. Thus, all these factors bring in a huge chance of the occurrence of miscommunication in the internal working space of the different branches of the Banking concern (Rita Men, 2018). This also results in wrong steps, actions, or judgments taken by the employees and management body in the parent branch as well in other branches. Due to linguistic barriers, the proper management and coordination of all the branches across the globe also become a very hectic, time-consuming, and complex activity (Hislop, Bosua & Helms, 2018).

2.4 Impact of lack of transparency on Internal Communication

The huge size of the organization and spanning across various places also bring with it issues such as lack of transparency and misappropriation of information, advice, and messages (Kourdi, 2015). It is most of the seen in the organization that Managers and senior officials fail to do their duty properly. On many occasions, they fail to deliver proper and adequate data to the employees. They furnish their subordinates with improper and wrong directions or advice which disrupts the whole set of actions. Further, they also misguide them or conceal facts from them or give them improper training related to the usage of any machinery or mechanism for providing services (Kerzner & Kerzner, 2017). This hampers their overall efforts to understand a message properly and thus bring in huge cases of miscommunication and weak engagement with the workforce.

It is also seen many times in the organization managers do not make it necessary for themselves to accurately reach out a helping hand and make the employees understand the details related to their responsibilities fail to explain to them the things that should be avoided while performing any work or mechanism (Ong, 2018). This fact also disrupts the whole system of carrying out the tasks. Thus, this kind of lack of transparency seen across various of the branches of the bank bring in elements of a deep-rooted miscommunication which is also hard to eradicate. This fact further depletes the condition of engagement with the employees.

3.0 Conclusion

The whole of the study has been based on finding the various factors that deplete the overall conditions of communication and employee engagement in the organization, National Australia Bank. The four of the main factors have been identified here along with furnishing their details. The study shall end with some lines of recommendations which shall help in developing the overall scene of internal communication and employee engagement in the organization.

4.0 Recommendations

The company should make use of more advanced communication machinery in order to be able to reach out to all the employees in the working space.

organization’s internal network. has to be established as well. Thus, with the adoption of these systems and methods, great results can be expected in the National Australia Bank.

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