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Biotechnology Assignment Help Biotechnology Assignment Help Online service is now provided by the, the world’s leading biological assisting assistance service provider. We have experienced teachers, professors and professionals from biotechnology to provide excellent biotechnological assignment assistance. Get biotechnology assignment assistance now to get excellence in your classes. Please talk to our student advisor or just fill the Assignment Support Form. You can also look at our biotechnology assignment support samples to experience the first hand of our quality. But first of all, see how biology is developed and diverse as a discipline in years.

What is Biotechnology?

Bio-Sciences in Biotechnology Assignment Assistance constitute a large discipline in the form of sub-region of biotechnology. Biotechnology is a useful technical application of living organisms to develop useful products. It is a combination of technology, microbiology, computer science and chemical engineering.

History of Biotechnology

Human beings are inadvertently using biotechnology to modify plants and change food sources. Early agriculturalists used to select crops that would resist the attack of pests and insects and also lead the highest amount of yield. Later people discovered organisms that would lead nitrogen to trap and lead to more productivity. Then fermentation was discovered which was used in the preparation of bread and yeast. Another use of biotechnology was in the animal kingdom. For a long time, people had reproduced selectively without knowing that this was another form of biotechnological innovation. Later in the 19th century, Charles Darwin came up with the idea of ​​natural selection of species while explaining the theory of evolution. The third most important use of biotechnology was in the field of medicine. In 1917, Chaim Weizmann used microbiological culture in the industrial process to produce acetone used in the production of explosives. In 1928, Alexander Fleming discovered Penicillium that led to the development of antibiotics.

In recent years, surprising discoveries have been observed in the field of genetics, bioinformatics and bio-robotics. The wonders of genetic engineering are for everyone. Scientists can now change the genetic structure of the organism by presenting a new DNA. The result is a birth or genetically modified organism in which a genetic make-up has been changed. In 1973 a GMO bacteria was discovered. GMO mouse was discovered in 1974 and since 1994, genetically modified food was produced commercially.

Main Areas of Biotechnology

The main areas involved in biotechnology assignment assistance are:

  • Bio-informatics

Bioinformatics uses computer science, mathematics and other subjects to study and process biological data. It is highly used in genetic mapping and information related to processing gene.

  • Bio-robotics

Another inter-disciplinary field used in bio-robotics biotechnology assignment helps in using biological information to study and develop robots that emulate organic functions.

  • Bio-process engineering

Bio-engineering uses the knowledge of biology to produce various useful products in the field of agriculture, pharmaceuticals and chemicals, which are environmentally sustainable and biologically useful. Our specialists also offer biotechnology assignment assistance on bio-processing engineering.

  • Chemical engineering

Biotechnology assignment assistance involves chemical engineering which combines the chemical industry and engineering to use for the manufacturing industry. Nano-technology, fuel-cells and bio-engineering are its sub-branches.

Application of Biotechnology

Biotechnology has not only diversified into many sub-disciplines, its application has increased manifold in different areas. We mainly mention three areas of research in our biotechnological assignment assistance. They are:

  • Agriculture

In agriculture, biotechnology is applicable in many different areas. They are used for the production of genetically modified organisms (GMOs), biofuels, drug agents and biomedicine. In recent years, many successful GMOs have been produced. The production of GMO has attracted some controversies in recent years and hence there is a need to deal with it separately. Our biotechnology assignment includes genetic engineering focus on the production of genetically modified crops, fish etc. However, governments around the world are still not sure about the use of GMOs and such rules differ from country to country. The United States allows patenting, farming, import and export of GMO crops. On the other hand, Europe allows the cultivation of select varieties of GMO crops but allows the import of most of them. Want Biotechnology Assignments Online Help? is the perfect place!

  • Medicine

In the pharmaceutical industry, biological information is constantly used for the production of new drugs. Pharmacogenomics combines pharmacology and genetics to understand how medicines work on the human body. Advance research work on stem cells has been made possible. Biotechnology has the facility of research on diseases like HIV / AIDS and cancer. Our biotechnology assignment specialists help survey many companies who use drugs and other pharmaceutical products using biotechnological methods. Denmark, Amazon, Gilead Science and Selvon’s Novo Nordisk and Dr. Reddy’s Lab of India are some of the world’s largest biotechnology-based pharmacy companies. Benefits of Biotechnology Assignment Help us at the best rate! Genetic testing in our biotechnology assignment support is included as an important application of biotechnology. It is used for two purposes:

  1. Find out the inherited diseases of a child
  2. Find out parentage of the child in cases of dispute over his or her ancestry.
  • Industry

Industry, the use of biology is to produce new chemicals, food products, detergents, biofuels etc. In doing so, biotechnology can help reduce greenhouse gas emissions and carbon footprints. Some major universities in Australia, UK, and America offer courses in biotechnology; Therefore provides biotechnology assignment assistance in all the above countries. The top 5 universities in the world who offer courses in bio-technology and related topics are Harvard University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge University, Stanford University and University of California, Berkeley. Biotechnology assignment support can range from human genome to genetic mapping and robotics to the role of GMOs in agriculture. Students face loss often while facing so many subjects.

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