The Biomolecules

Biomolecules are organic compounds that are important for survival.

Biomolecules are made from bacteria in many different types, often oxygen, nitrogen, hydrogen and carbon with sulfur and phosphorus are the root biomolecules. They are important because they manage all kinds of bacteria in it.The Biomolecules have accurate image and dimensions, their group determines their drug.

Some of the most important biomolecules and water ingredients, carbohydrates (give strength, can lead to plants and supplies) Nucleic acid (leading to our DNA), lipids and fat about the selection of molecules and the phospholipids (the characteristics and amount of protein), enzymes and many more. Fatty acid, Biomolecules Assignment Helpmonosaccharide, amino acid are some of the basic biomolecules that help us work on our bodies.

Carbohydrates: act according to the root of the energy, thus providing the physical and  mental energy.

Nucleic acid:- it is the main component of the body and hence the transition from mother to baby.

Lipids:- These are the protective forces of the cell that protect the cell from other sources.

Protein:-These are home appliances that contain most of the body’s functioning, right by framing for prevention, everything that makes y proteins in the body.

These are some of the biomolecules that are easy with their physical function.

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