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Biochemical And Biotechnology Help


Biochemical are the chemicals present in living organisms and Biochemistry is the branch which studies and investigates the chemical processes in the living organisms. For more details refer to our Biochemistry Assignment Help.


Biotechnology can be defined as a blend of science andengineering.  károly Ereky, a Hungarian engineer coined the term Biochemical and Biotechnology Help“Biotechnology” in 1919. However, the rise of modern biotechnology started emerging in early 1970’s. It makes use of biological agents such as cells, organisms for the processing of materials and developing new and useful technologies. These technologies are utilized in many agriculture, research, clinic, food production, medicine etc. Modern biotechnology sometimes involves methods that are not underlying biology, a few examples of these methods are biorobotics, bioinformatics, chemical engineering etc.

Areas Of Applications Of Biotechnology


Living organisms, cells, and other cellular components are exploited by industries to produce useful products for humans.

Chemical industries, food and beverages industries are some of the examples of areas where biotechnology is used to make industrially useful products.


The application of biotechnology in agriculture has become very popular in recent years. Crops and livestock is modified generically to introduce new desirable properties that crops and organisms lack naturally.

Genetically modified crops are a new trend nowadays.


Biotechnology has resulted in the invention of many revolutionary drugs by using Microsoft-organisms. Some of these drugs have the ability to cure serious genetic diseases.

Biochemical And Biotechnology Assignment Help

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Biochemical And Biotechnology Help


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