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Conduct a review of the governance of your organization (or one with which you are familiar) and write a report with your findings. Use the concepts, tools and techniques learned in this subject to review the structure, process and effectiveness of the governance of the organisation, and to make recommendations for appropriate improvements. These focus questions could guide you in writing your report:

  • In which aspects of corporate governance has your organisation been reasonably successful? Discuss what has led to the success and how it could be sustained.
  • In which aspects of corporate governance has your organisation failed or been less successful? Discuss the reasons for this and what can be done to address them.

Option 2

Consider a publicly listed company whose business environment performance has been criticized publicly and, using its annual report, reference documents about the company (e.g. analysts’ reports, in-depth interviews and articles, documents on company’s website) and write a report about its governance protocols and practices. (This could include independence of directors, length of tenure of directors, other responsibilities of directors, etc.).

Whichever option you choose your report should include:

  • A brief description of the organisation and its background/industry. This description should be a short section only.
  • An outline of the bases or criteria for the review of the organisation’s governance. For example, mention which standards or guiding principles are relevant for the review, discuss their importance and why it is appropriate for you to use them.
  • A critical review of the organisation’s governance applying the relevant concepts, principles, standards or other tools and techniques learnt during this subject, in accordance with your discussion above. Click Here 

A list of recommendations for suggested improvement based on your review. The recommendations should only be a short section in the overall report.

  • This assessment is an individual assessment (ie this is not a group assessment). Please ensure you avoid collusion and other practices which compromise individual assessment work. (Refer to the Academic Integrity Policy available on AIB website)
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Current Status: Not Submitted
Subject: Corporate Governance [722CGOV]
Subject Dates: 26-02-2016 to 31-03-2016 [AIB-DL]

  • With online submission of your assignment, this means that you no longer need to include a cover sheet. However, all assignments (including Final Projects) must still include a title page, as outlined with the Style and Assignment guides including:
    • your name
    • student ID number
    • subject title
    • AQF level
    • Word count

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