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Background History:

I would say if any renovations were done after the new restaurant they were design wall interior to carter the current operation while the original structure of the building was maintained several renovations.


The lower level is an open plan restaurant serving mouth-watering and delicious dishes, while the top is a shisha bar featuring a wide variety of flavors.


The menu offers authentic Middle Eastern and Mediterranean inspired cuisine, in a chic contemporary setting that features colourful tiles that line the floors and walls paying homage to the colourful streets of Turkey. Additionally, it is located on the waterfront of Sydney, Brighton le Sands. Here people can enjoy the food and drinks among the beautiful scenario of the sea and beach.

Venue Analysis:

The venue analysis which I am going to do is about the kitchen of this restaurant because as I am working in kitchen so I am more passionate about doing the venue analysis where I am working. According to my analysis of venue it is a really large area with plenty of working space, cooking, prep, and storing. There is only one way entrance way to kitchen and all the emergency exits are on display. One set of Fire extinguisher which expiry date is till 2019. We have big dish washing machine and four fridges to be exact. Two oven and salamander which is excellent conditions. Inside the kitchen six people can work at a time

Maintenance/ Cleaning Schedule:

The cleaning schedule are really tights there is a daily, weekly, and monthly cleaning schedule in kitchen. Where big machines like fryers, convection oven, gill, fridge etc are cleaned neat and tide on weekly basis and other small things are clean on daily basis.  No water or oil should be spill in the floor or any surface to make the area safe.


For more details of venue I have attached floor plan and some photos of the venue.