The essay constitutes the analysis of the different types of communication skills that are highly significant for effective communication. Given the scenario, that is Mary, who is looking for an expansion of her Australian based business in China Market is preparing herself for the first-ever meeting with the manager of a popular store in China. In order to make the most out of it, Mary wants the meeting to be that of successful that which is why the need to communicate effectively is required. Therefore, the communication skills within the essay are recommended for Mary hereafter.
The Chinese culture is different from that of the western culture or the culture of any another nation like Australia. As per the research conducted in the Chinese etiquette, the particular principle of “Saving face” is a building block of Chinese culture that needs to be inculcated by Mary (Seth, 2016). This refers to the act of avoiding any type of conflict and preserving the dignity of the other people that is Mr. La here. While carrying out conversation the habit of jumping into conversation must be avoided by Mary. The Chinese prefer silence and peace while conversing unlike other western culture where there is no pause within any conversation that includes the instant answer. In the Chinese Culture if one question is asked then it is expected to keep a pause till the other person does not answer. A bad impression may fall if Mary does control her way of general conversation in the meeting with Mr. La. There should be no political discussion while carrying out general, light discussion over the dining table in the meeting. Chinese are superstitious about the numerical. For instance, for them, four is a bad omen while eight is good (Islam, 2017).
In the oral communication, gestures and manners are actually very crucial in managing stuff or marring the representation of the self to any differently cultured person that may affect the business. Language is the barrier that is for sure but the barrier can be addressed by hiring any professional Chinese Translator (Pang, 2015). Having private interpreter is highly recommendable for Mary in order to be able to communicate more effectively. The interpreter not only translates the words literally but interprets for you the expression of the words which is the real meaning of conversation done between the people. Moreover, English not very fantasized as part of official activities like in the other countries of the world (Seth, 2016).
A meeting generally constitutes majorly of oral communication along with the written communication that is the part of any decision or any deal as the case may be. The oral communication needs to be effectively done in order to relate to the requirements and the opinion that are crucial for the meeting. As mentioned above, the requirement of the interpreter is highly significant while carrying out negotiations. Since, Mary will visit China to attend the meeting for the business deal it is evident that negotiation is going to be a common activity within the meeting (Shaw, 2015). The factors that need to be kept in mind in terms of maintaining a code of behavior and etiquette includes punctuality being the most important. Punctuality is highly prioritized in the meetings of China. Mary must keep an eye on this factors and should avoid every possibility of the getting late in the meeting. The culture of shaking hands is not prevalent in China instead the act of bow or nodding is a part of Chinese culture (Seth, 2016). Therefore, Mary must accept the way she is applauded by Mr. La and applaud him back in the way he did. Simplicity is an integral characteristic of the Chinese culture, therefore, Mary must avoid over fashionable accessories or overdress in the meeting. Simple and modest attire must be chosen from previous that is more unpretentious and represents the very characteristic of the personality of Mary. While accepting or giving any gift, Mary has to use both the hands in offering the gifts. The same etiquette is approachable in taking any business card or papers for the business (Palazzo & Shen, 2018). Refusal of the gift must not be taken as the act of disrespect but a token of politeness that must be accepted by the giver. In case of negotiation, politeness is expected and Mary should be prepared mentally that the negotiations are not going to be very easy.
In terms of written conversations, there is the presentation and exchange of business cards that are going to take place here in the meeting as well. Therefore, Mary must make the cards printed in the standard layout that is acceptable in the culture and has prevalence on the business meetings of China (Seth, 2016). The layout of the card must include the two columns of printed paper including the information in Chinese on one side and in other language on the other side. Mary may choose to print English or any other language that is preferable to her as in the printed business card. If the chosen location is that of Taiwan or Honk Kong then the use of traditional Chinese characters in the business card must be used (Taylor & Williams, 2017). While printing the name of the business professional that is Mr. La here, the last name is the first name which must be used for the professional purposes.
The above dos and don’ts that are recommended must be considered by Mary and she must prepare herself as per the recommendations before the meeting. This is crucial in order to avoid the negative impact of the cross-cultural miscommunication. The area where the miscommunication is evident includes the way the negotiation that is done (Palazzo & Shen, 2018). While carrying out negotiation it is very common to have conflict in mentality and in the conditions of the deals but being rude is going to make the whole business meeting into a failure. Another potential area is the use of English language. This language must be avoided while conserving, the etiquette may not be totally known but the gesture to greet in their culture will delight Mr. La but the language must not be English both in the oral and printed communication. Mary must go for the consideration of the communication model in relation to the cross-culture framework of culture in order to be more effective and efficient while communicating in the business.
The most appropriate model for the case of Mary to that of Mr. La includes the GLOBE framework of culture in different countries. The GLOBE framework refers to the findings of the international relations among the different countries in terms of organisational behavior and leadership and its effectiveness as well (Palazzo & Shen, 2018). This particular theory is very contemporary to that of the phenomenon of Globalization that is taking place. The cluster is

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