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What Are Data Structures Defined in COMP.6211 Assessment Solution?

The term “data structures” covers a wide range of topics. Data structures are divided into various sub-disciplines. It is used to efficiently organise data in a computer system. It can also be used to build abstract data structures such as linked lists, queues, and stacks. Different sorts of computer applications require different data structure categories.

Data structures are used to organise and track massive volumes of information. Data structures control data, which is stored in databases. The construction of algorithms is one of the most important applications of data structures.

The Topics Covered Under the COMP.6211 Algorithms and Data Structures Assignment Help

Objectives of Data Structures

Here are a few objectives of data structures

To grasp the infix, prefix, and postfix formats of various phrases.

Queues, linked lists, and stacks are examples of data structures used in systems.

It’s for transforming an infix expression to a postfix expression.

It allows the user to evaluate postfix expressions in a variety of ways and assists with their execution.

Types of Data Structures

Data Structures is one of the numerous sub-disciplines within the wide field of computer science. In computer science, there are two main types of data structures, which are described below:

Primitive Data Structures

It has char, int, double, and float data types and is one of the oldest types of data structure. The programming language displays these data structures. It also specifies the data storage mechanisms available in the computer system.

Abstract Data Structures

These data structures are used to efficiently handle complicated and big data structures. Graph data structures, queue data structures, stack data structures, and tree data structures are examples of these data structures.

Abstract Data Structure Types

Take a look at the many forms of abstract data structures:

Array: A collection of elements that are homogeneous and of comparable sorts.

List : List of items that are comparable and those that relate the next element to the previous one.

Tree: It’s an acyclic list. A tree has a root as well as sub-nodes.

Graph. The collection of nodes and vertices. Undirected and directed graphs are the two types of graphs.

The Applications of Data Structures

The applications of data structures and algorithms are seemingly endless. Data structures are used in a variety of real-time applications. Currently, the world cannot function without the use of data structures and data structure algorithms.

Google Maps is the most popular application of data structures. Algorithms and data structures are used in real-time on social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. Trees, queues, stacks, radix tree, suffix tree, graphs, hash tables, and heaps are some of the most common data structures and techniques.

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