Advertising Marketing Professional Assignment Assistance

Advertising Marketing Professional Assignment Assistance

Advertising Marketing Professional Assignment Assistance is a favorable representation of the product and service to make consumers aware about the product. The main objective and purpose of advertising is to ensure effective communication between the manufacturer and the consumer (Chioveanu, 2008). In Advertising Marketing Professional Assignment Assistancethis marketing assignment paper, the effectiveness and success of Nokia’s advertising in the United States will be discussed.


Nokia is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of mobile phones. Nokia is offering a variety of mobile handsets with unique features around the world such as: N8, Lamia 710 and C700 etc. Nokia is spending a lot of money on advertising to build brand loyalty and attract customers. Starter Smart Phone – Lamia 710 is one of Nokia’s mobile handsets with Microsoft’s Windows operating system which is more specific and unique Advertisement by window phone Nokia is effective because it describes all the features and benefits of Lamia 710. Nokia has developed a one-minute ad “How are you different from another” message. Nokia uses different modes of advertising in the United States, such as: Television, Internet, newsletters and websites to promote the website. In addition, Nokia has also released its official advertisement on YouTube for advertising its product in the United States.

It can be said that due to all these features of the advertising campaign, Nokia’s ad is successful.

Execution Methods

According to the assignment, to meet all the objectives, to meet all the objectives, the following techniques of execution by Nokia were used in the advertisement of Starter Smart Phone-Lamia 710 in the United States market.

Slice Of Life 

This is an executable method used by Nokia in the advertisement of Lamia 710. This shows how the product can help customers. The piece of life also shows that Nokia’s Lamia 710 is an important part of the customer’s life and using this mobile handset; People / customers can easily solve the problems of their life and enjoy life.

Life Style

This is another important technology that was used by Nokia in the advertisement of Lamia 710. This method of execution reveals how “Lamia 710 of Nokia suits a particular lifestyle.” Besides, it also suggests how people can improve their lifestyle and personality using Lamia 710.


This is an effective way of performing music by which Nokia is integrating music in Lamia 710. With the help of music, Nokia is attracting customers to competitors. The main purpose of music is to develop memory and to provide entertainment.

Technical Expertise 

This is an important tool of execution technology, after which Nokia was in the advertisement of Lamia 710. It should be noted that the technical expertise shows the technical aspect of Lamia 710 such as Microsoft’s Windows operating system. Describing the technical aspect of the product is beneficial for the customer to understand the unique feature of the product. In the advertisement of Lamia 710, Nokia shows the technical advantage of the product.

Scientific Evidence

In this method of execution, Nokia displays scientific evidence of Lamia 710 with the emotional advantage of the product, which helps Nokia to create a brand image in the consumer’s mind. Therefore, scientific information was used in the advertisement of Lamia 710 (Liu, 2009).

Testimonial Evidence or Endorsement

This method of execution is also important which was used by Nokia in the advertisement in which a person speaks on behalf of the product base on his personal experience, which adds credibility to the brand (Cotter, 2010).

Target Market

Target market is a group of people / customers in case of age, sexual orientation, gender, economic class, religion, ethnicity or place. Company “Whatever is necessary for you to stay connected, has been made in imaging every day” and shows the emotional benefits of having Lamia 710 with all the benefits of the product in the daily market (Nokia Lamia 710USATV Advertising – Anyone who connects you Required, corrected every day in imaging (2011). In the United States, the customer demands a highly innovative, standardized and unique product. Therefore, Nokia has targeted high-ranking people in the United States. Nokia uses various advertising strategies of Nokia variation to increase sales in the United States and to promote the product in an effective, innovative and unique way.

Advertising Marketing Professional Assignment Assistance

Nokia has used slice of life, scientific evidence, and the methodology of technical expertise and performance, which is a good match for Nokia’s advertising to use for the target market. All aspects of the product feature have been shown to attract the targeted market (Rau and Chen, 2006) to ad messaging and execution methods used by Nokia. The requirements and wishes of the target market have also been effectively used in the advertising message and presented through execution methods.

Determining the Target Market

Following are the important steps of the target market that Nokia is using to determine its target market.

Target Market Attitude: The goal of the target market is to target the market size, growth rate and competitiveness, on the basis of the brand loyalty of existing customers in the targeted market and the sale capacities and profit margins (Cotter, 2010).

Target Market Appropriation: In this phase, the capacity, objectives, resources, distribution channels and capital investment are assessed to measure the target market suitability.

Selection of Target Market: In this phase, the company adheres to factors such as potential, high market growth and matching organizational resources to select target markets.

Interpretation and Suggestions

Overall, it can be said that this advertising campaign was a successful advertising by Nokia. For the purpose of promoting the product in the United States market, Nokia uses a variety of marketing strategies and execution methods. In the United States, Lamia 710 advertising has been successful due to the unique and emotional benefits of the product (Liu, 2009). To achieve overall advertising goals, Nokia should use effective marketing strategies Target market. Along with this, Nokia should follow the mood or image and fantasy execution method to increase market share in the US market.


From the above discussion by Assignment Support Brisbane, it has been concluded that Nokia has used various performance techniques to promote Lamia 710 in the United States market such as: scientific evidence and lifestyle. Apart from this, it has also been concluded that companies should adhere to important advertising campaigns to increase sales.


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