Adult Convictions

Date of Birth:

Age: 20

Race: White

Sex: Male

Part A: The Offense

On March 01, 2015, the defendant sexually assaulted a young girl aged sixteen. Sexual assault also involved physical torture and beating of the girl. According to the girl, the act was non-consensual and the perpetrator had taken her to a room by force.

Victim Impact:

According to the victim the sexual assault was carried out with the use of force.

Obstruction of Justice:

The defendant is not reported to have obstructed justice.

Acceptance of Responsibility:

The offender has pleaded not guilty.

Offense level computation:

Guideline for this offense is §2241

Base Offense Level: 38

Total Offense Level: 38

Part B: Defendant’s Criminal History

Juvenile Adjudications : 2

Other Delinquent Conduct :


Adult Convictions:


Criminal history computation:

Criminal History score: 0

Other Criminal conduct:


Sources of information:

The high school where the student studies.

– Criminal orientation:

The defendant has had  two prior involvements in the juvenile justice system. No other criminal history has been reported. Neighbours mentioned the defendant mistreated cats and dogs on numerous occasions.

-Defendant’s explanations for his conduct

The defendant stated that the Act was consensual and carried out with the consent of the victim. However, the victim started crying and he hit her to prevent her from crying and creating a scene. The defendant has blamed the victim for the incident.

-Personal and family background

Defendant was born on June 10, 1995. He is the only child of his parents. Attempts to contact his biological parents remained unsuccessful.

-Educational and employment background

He is pursuing the course to become an elementary school teacher at a local community college.He is single and works part-time delivering pizzas.

The defendant has described his mental and emotional state as good. There is no information to prove otherwise.

-Sentencing options and recommendations

Based on an offense level of 38 and crime history of 0, the guideline range of imprisonment is 20 to 25 years. Since the applicable guideline range is in Zone D of the Sentencing Table, the minimum term shall be satisfied by a sentence of imprisonment.

-Correctional plan for the defendant with justifications

It is recommended that the defendant be placed in an Institutional Sex Offender Treatment Program. The offender does not have any history of sexual offenses. He has had two prior involvements with the juvenile justice system but no crime has been recorded as an adult. The defendant is studying to be primary teacher and works part time. The program can help improve the defendant’s condition.

Question 2:

Probation officers work with and monitor the offenders to prevent them from committing new crime. Their work is considered to be full of risk and danger as they may be assigned to high crime areas or institutions with a risk of violence. It also involves working with high and medium risk prisoners, providing PSI reports to the courts, risk assessment and interaction with police and prison colleagues. Job opportunities for the probation officers are expected to be excellent and projected to grow fast throughout 2018. (allthingspolitical, 2014)

However, the job prospects for probation officers are bright due to growth as well as replacement needs. A large number of probation officers are expected to retire and there will  be a need to replace them. Generally, probation officers need to have a bachelor degree. However, they may be required to pass oral, written, and psychological exams. “The median annual wage for probation officers and correctional treatment specialists was $48,190 in May 2012.” (BLS, 2014)  A number of state and federal agencies hire probation officers.


Probation Officers and Correctional Treatment Specialists (2014).In BLS. Retrieved March 4, 2015, from

Probation Officer Job Outlook (2014). In Allthingspolitical. Retrieved March 4, 2015, from

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