Accounting Theory

 Executive Summary

It is possible to derive that the exhaustive findings will be having several kinds of implications over the external stakeholders that have been evaluated in this paper.

A brief introduction or overview of what the report is about

Accounting TheoryFurthermore, it is very important to have in-depth knowledge of several important accounting theories for conducting accounting across the context of a firm.  Hence, Accounting theory has great importance in place to prepare the company’s financial reports. In addition to this, this will be conducting a discussed analysis of the implications, which the research findings or the outcomes of these journals for three various kinds of external reporting stakeholders- accountants of Australian organizations, accounting regulators, and shareholders.

a. An explanation of the reasons (at least 3) why your group has selected the two research articles relating to your topic

  • In addition, the portion of this journal article is helpful in order to conduct an assessment of the extent of the difference in the accounting conservatism for the research-intensive industries.

On the other hand, the three main reasons behind choosing the journal article of writer D.

  • It is possible to develop the knowledge of the role of accounting principles through the help of this journal article.  Since, However, accounting theories such as this play a crucial role in the development of accounting principles required in financial reporting (Coetsee, 2010).
  • In addition, this helps in determining the role of developing the possible decision-useful theory of the accounting play in suitable accounting principles’ creation.
  • However, it also helps in giving focus on the normative as well as a descriptive approach towards the accounting theories’ development.

b. An explanation of the purpose of the two studies and what research question(s) they set out to explore about the topic

Several objectives and purposes can be observed through which these two studies have been prepared.

In addition, the research questions that can be helpful in order to conduct this research effectively in the future are listed below:

The main purpose for that the writer MR. D.

  • To analyze and identify all the major developments that can really have an impact on the status of the current accounting theory
  • Determine the development as well as nature of the accounting theories
  • To identify and analyze other developments, therefore which already have been happened in the accounting research-imperative and critical research.

Since, In addition, research questions that the journal has set in order to conduct this research in the future more effectively:

c. A discussion about the similarities and differences in the findings of the two studies

All of these implications have both indirect and direct implications over the company’s external shareholders.

i) Accounting regulators

  1. ii) Accountants in the Australian organizations
  2. ii) Shareholder


These can be very helpful for the betterment of the company’s financial reporting.

Reference list

Chatfield, M., & Vangermeersch, R. (2014). The history of accounting (RLE accounting): an international encyclopedia. Routledge.

Coetsee, D. (2010). The role of accounting theory in the development of accounting principles. Meditari Accountancy Research, 18(1), 1-16. doi:

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