Academic Integrity Statement Assignment Help

Academic Integrity Statement Assignment Help



Thisassignmentconstitutes50%ofthe assessmentforthismodule.Itisin two parts,one ofwhich leads totheother.Theaimsoftheassignment,which will lead you to thefulfillmentofthemodule learningoutcomes,areto:

  • Develop a practical web solution using thePHP server-side scriptinglanguageand including dynamicweb contentbyretrieving andmanipulating datastored inaMySQLrelational database andXML fil
  • Justifythedesign ofyourweb database systemwith referenceto relevantliterature

Academic Integrity Statement Assignment HelpYourwork, forall partsoftheassignment,mustbe yourownand,whereyou have used wordsfrom someone else (quotations),theyshould becorrectlyquotedandreferenced in accordancetothe Harvard(Northumbria) System.

Referencingand academicwritingsupport

Ifyou requireguidance on citation,usetheguide‘Cite ThemRight’ availablefrom

Formoresupportonacademicwriting and citation,you canalso attendthe Library’sNorthumbriaSkillsProgramme oraccess SkillsPlus via the Librarytabonthe eLP(Blackboard).

Academic Regulations

AcademicIntegrityStatement:Youmustadheretotheuniversityregulations on academicconduct. Formalinquiryproceedingswill be instigatedifthere is anysuspicion ofplagiarismoranyotherform ofmisconductin yourwork.Refertothe University’sAcademicRegulationsforTaughtAwards (ARTA) section 1.11ifyou areunclearastothe meaningoftheseterms.The latestcopy isavailable onthe Universitywebsite1.

Failuretosubmit:TheUniversityrequires all studentstosubmitassessed courseworkbythe deadline stated in theassessmentbrief.Wherecourseworkissubmitted withoutapprovalafterthe published hand-in deadline,penaltieswill be applied as defined inthe University Policyon the Late Submission ofWorkinARTA(section 1.13.1).

PartA– Specification and Design(30%)
  • Thispartofthe assignmentcoversthefollowing module learningoutcome:
  • Specifyand designweb database systemswith justification
  • PartB– SystemDevelopment (70%)
  • Thispartofthe assignmentcoversthefollowing module learningoutcomes:
  • Build the presentation layerofmulti-tierapplications usinganappropriatescriptinglanguage
  • (e.g.PHP orJava).
  • Integrateandtestsoftwarecomponentsthatreside on eithera web ordatabase server

The deadlineforbothpartsis Monday13th May2019(no laterthan 4pm).Detailed submission instructionsarebelowon pages9-10.


You arewritingasystemforclientstobe abletoimport,save,retrieve and exportinformationfrom musicplaylistscontaining individual songs.The final systemin productionwill ultimatelyallow multiple playliststo be imported.Howeverforthisassignmentas the systemisattheprototype phase,there isonlyonexml playlistfile ofsongsthatyou needtoimportand displaywhich is at the followinglink:

Note: In ordertoviewthe XML structurefromthisfeeds,itisrecommended thatyouviewthe source ofthe page in thebrowser, e.g.

view-source: can alsosee asample oftheXML in theAppendixofthisassignment.

You should useSimpleXMLto accesstheXMLfile,extracttherelevant XML and then reformatitin the wayrequired.A listofthesong detailsfromthe XMLfileshould bedisplayedon themain page of yoursitein HTML and each titleshould linktothe webpage where thesong can bepurchased on isprovided in the xmlfile).  Thislisting pageshouldbe available to all users.It representsthemostrecently importedplaylistforthe site.

Ifa userlogs in tothe systemthen,additionally,theyshould be able tosave thereferencetoany songssothattheycancreatetheirown playlist(s)in a‘myplaylist’ page.Theyshould also be able to retrieve anypreviouslysavedsongdetailsfromthisplaylist,addnewsongs andalsodeletethem.

Please notethatyou maynotbe ableto implementall therequirementsthatfollow;thisisto be expected.Withatechnicalassignmentsuchas thistherequirements include somequitedifficult partsthatonlya verystrong studentwill be able to complete–thisallowsus togive arangeofmarks appropriatetoability. Look at themarking scheme on pages8-9forsomeidea ofthe breakdown of marks.


You needtofirstconsiderrelevantliteratureregardingusabilityand interface design andpresent somecolourwireframesforyourproposedsolution annotated withkey information relating tothe interfacedesign.

Thewireframesshould be accompanied byareport justifyingyourdesignchoices which drawon referencesfromrelevantliteratureregardingusabilityand recommendations foreffective interface design(using Harvardreferencing). Thisdocumentshouldbebetween 1,000 and1,500 wordsin length.


  • Thiscomponentofthe assessmentisworth 30%ofthetotalmarksavailablefortheassignment.
  • Thecriteria usedforitsmarkingwill include:
  • Thecompleteness and appropriatenessofdesigndocuments(i.e.wireframes andsitedesign)
  • The level atwhich theliteratureisanalysed and relevance oftheusabilityandinterface designissuesexploredand justified
  • Theuse ofreferencesand examplesfromrelevantliteraturetosupportthework.
  • Citation andthe use ofHarvardreferencing
  • Thedetailedmarking schemeforpartAisonpage8 ofthisassignment.



  • Read theXMLstructure in Appendixone which showsan examplefeed with the itemsthatarethe articles.Thiswill help you betterunderstandsome ofthedetailthatfollows.
  • Yourwebsite should be well-designed with aprofessionallookandfeel. You shoulduse HTML5for thisassignment. You will need to implementthefollowing:
  • A common headerand footerforall pagesdisplayed so thatall pages in the site have a consistentlookandfeel.
  • Thehomepageshould listallthesong detailsfromtheXMLfile in theformofHTML.TheXML elementsyou should displayforeach itemelementare:songtitle,artist, releaseyear,genreand link.
  • You should useSimpleXML only,none oftheotherphp libraries,toaccesstheXML file,extract therelevantXML andthen reformatitintheway required.
  • A searchboxonthe homepagelisting,allowingpartialmatchingbytitle or genreusingXpath.
  • Thenonlysongsmatching thesearchcriteria will be displayedon thefrontpage.
  • A meansofaccessing an Amazon.comwebpagewhere the usercan purchase theparticular song when the linkfromthefrontpage isclicked.
  • A meansbywhich aregisteredusercan loginwhich should beavailablefromthe homepage.
  • You should usePHP sessionstomanagepersistence ofthe login stateacross all pagesand storethedate/time ofthe login.
  • A meansbywhich auser,butonly iflogged in,can savesongdetails tothesaved_songs
  • databasetable(see accompanyingdatabasecreation scriptoneLP)using PDOcommands.
  • A meansbywhich auser,butonly iflogged in,can retrieve and displayanypreviouslysaved song referencesfromthesaved_songsdatabase tableusing PDOcommands.
  • Specifics

Registered usersshouldbe able to login andlogout, viaafacilityavailablefromthefrontpage.Any one ofthethreeregistered users (seethe database table ‘members’)should be able to login by typingtheiremail and password(theirlogindetailsarein theSQLscriptprovided).

Notethat,forsecurity,the passwordsarestoredon thedatabase in encryptedform. Once logged in you should ensurepersistence across all pagesbyusingPHP sessions. You mustalsostorethedate/time ofthe loginto thelastloginfield ofthemembers table.

Loggingin will meanthattheuserhasaccessto the menusandfunctionalityforsavingandretrieving songsand playlists.Loggingoutshould clearall session information.


Yoursiteshould have itsown headerandfooter.Theheaderareashouldcontain appropriate systemtitles orimages and menuoptionsand ameans oflogginginandout. Showeachsongfrom theXMLplaylist feed inan appropriate, well-designedlayout,displayingthe songtitle asthe hyperlink,accompaniedbytheartist, genre andreleaseyear.

Remember,ifthe userislogged in extramenuitemsandfunctionalityareavailable. Songscan be savedto a ‘myplaylist’ areabymeansofappropriateformelements(suchas checkboxes,linksor buttons)onthefrontpagealongsidethe listofsongs.

You should also beableto linkto a listofsavedsongs(‘myplaylist’ area)forthe specificlogged-in user.

There should beasearch boxon thefrontpage.Bydefault, the page should display ALL ofthe retrievedsongs,butwhatislistedwill change in response tothe Xpathsearch, ifone isperformed.


You needto implementameansfora logged in userto savethereferencesto multiplesongsin one actiontothe databaseforfurtherreference,e.g.byselectingacheckboxnextto eachsong’sdetails. A partialsolution which would receivefewermarkswould allowonesongatatime to besavedto the playlist.  Theusershouldnotbe allowed to save the same song twice tothe playlist.


When a songissaved you shouldaddtothedatabase tablecalled ‘saved_songsthefollowingdata foreachsong:

  • songtitle,link,genre andreleaseyear
  • songid(thismustuniquely identifyasong. Usethesongiddata here which representsthe track’sISRC,i.e.unique identifier)
  • a meansoflinkingthe logged-in usertothe savedsong
  • the datethatthesongwas saved totheuser’splaylist

Note:Ifyou haven’tbeen able towrite thecodecorrectlywhich liststhearticlesdirectlyfromtheXML file using SimpleXML,you could hard-codethesong details.Thiswould allow you to demonstrate thatyou can save thesongstothedatabase,andattemptpartialmarksforthissection.

Listing User’s PlaylistItems

There should beamenuoption,onlyavailable to logged-in users thatwill listtheuser’splaylist(i.e. theirsaved songs)from the database.


You needto implementameansfora logged in userto deletemultiplesaved songsin one action fromthe database,e.g.byselectingacheckboxnextto each savedsong’sdetails. Apartialsolution which would receive fewermarkswould allowonesongatatimeto bedeleted.


Thereshould beameansformemberstobe abletoexporttheirown playlistdetailstoanXMLfile. ThisXMLfile should have thesameformatastheone provided in the assignmentforimporting data. You should usefile writing commandstocreatethis XMLfile which should be named ‘exported_playlist.xml’withtoday’sdate prefixed (atthefront)ofthefilename intheformat ddmmyyyy.

Notethatall pagesshould validate withoutany HTMLerrorsasreported by

using the HTML5 standard. All database accessmustbe via PDOwith the connectiondetailsstored separately in an included/requiredfileorclass. Prepared statementsshould be usedfordatabase access.

The clientwill be usinga MySQLdatabase. The SQLdatabasescriptsand associated files needed are allinthe assignmentfolderon eLP(Blackboard).

  • Youmustuse SimpleXMLforallXMLinteractions,andPDOforalldatabase connectivity. Youwill losemarks ifyou do no


  • Please makesureyou plan yourcodeandthe waydifferentcomponentswillworktogether beforeyou startwritinganycod
  • Make sureyourcode is indented andcommented– yourcommentsshould be writtenfirst– writingpseudocodewhich becomecommentshelp makesure yourcodemakessen
  • Attemptall parts,it’seasiertogetafewpercentatthestartofaquestionthangetthose last fewpercenttrying togeta perfectsolutionto onepart.Inshortgetting lessthanhalfmarks forall partsisbetterthangetting almostfull markson onlyone part.
  • Even ifyou don’tgetall theXMLpartsworking,thoughyou probablyshould,don’tmissout those partsthatrequireyou to save thingstothedatabase. Even ifsomeofthe data is ‘hard- coded’ dummydata– you maygetsomemarks forthat.




Thisassignmentisto be submitted electronicallyinthreeways as follows:
  1. You mustsubmitthewrittenreportforAssignmentPartA(Specificationand Design)via TurnitInaccessedfromthe link in theAssessmentsection oneLP(Blackboard). Thisisto help you avoid academicmisconducInstructionson howtodothiswill be provided in the Assignmentssectionforthemodule on eLP.
  2. You arerequiredtoFTPALL ofthefilesthatyou used to implementbothpartA andpartB of theassignmenttoyournewnumyspace accountby1pmon Monday13thMay2019.Yourfiles should notbe altered afterthattime.

Yourwb solution MUSTbe designedtoworkonyournewnumyspaceweb space. You should testyourweb solution toensurethatitis working priortothespecifiedhand-in date/time.

Theweb addresstogetto yourassignmentsolution should be

(you substitutethetextYOURUSERID in theabove URL with yourown userID)

  1. You mustalsozip all thefilesand subdirectories thatmake upyoursystemintoone zipfile with thefollowingnaming convention:

(Obviously,replace thepart ofthenamethatsay’s‘yourstudentID’ with yourown studentID). Please also makesure youonlyuse the.zipformat.rarfiles orthose ofanyother


In eLP(Blackboard)go to Assessment> AssignmentPartBSubmission>View/Complete Assignment:Assignment Part B Submission

In AssignmentMaterialssection clickontheBrowse button intheattachlocalfile areaand navigatetotherequiredzip file.

ClickSubmit(notethatitmustbe Submitand notSave)

You mustonlysubmitONE zip file thatcontainsall ofthefiles you used to complete Assignment PartsAand B. DoNOTsubmitlotsoffiles individually.

When you addyourzip fileyouMUST,intheCommentsbox,specifythe exactweb address ofthehomepage foryoursolutiontoAssignmentPartB.


Feedbackandmarksforthe assessmentswill be provided viaMyGradeswhich is accessiblefrom eLP (Blackboard).  Afeedback sheetwill also be available fromMyGradesforyou to download.

Feedbackcanbe discussed in person ifrequired.

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