A critical evaluation of infection prevention and control practice for Coronavirus

  1. Introduction

An infection prevention and control program  is considered  as  the  approach  which  is practical as well as evidence-based in terms of  resisting  infectious disease  spread. lt  is  basically  acted  for patients’ safet y from life-threatening diseases. C urrently, coronavirus infection  has immensely impacted on all over the world. According  to  IPC  measures,  infection  prevention and controlling approach fcicus to control  the  transmission  of  the  virus  by  providing guidelines as safety measures. Moreover, infection prevention and control approaches  are effective for infectious agents that cause infectious diseases by resisting it to enter the hosts. Different t ypes of physical examination have been performed by  the  controlling  team  to  identify the responsible factors as well as take part in preventing the disease. According to the current update, the death of people is atxiut 2,347,0 IS due  to  infection  of  coronavirus (Mandalia, 2021 ).

This essay has been discussed coronavirus  infection  prevention  and  control  practice  in  terms of reducing the risks of mortalit y due to infection. A critical examination of infection control practices along with procedures that are maintained by different organisations.

2.      Background and context


The aim of this essay is to demonstrate different practices as well as procedures  to prevent and control coronavirus infect ion. The objecti›’e has been to evaluate the impact of different interventions on infection prevention and control due to coronavirus.

2d Rationale

Coronav’irus outbreak is immensely impacted all over the world that creates life-threatening conditions. This virus emerged from China at the end  of  the  year  2019. This virus is inx’ol›’ed in developing severe respiratory syndroines resulting in respirator y problems. 1nfection prevention and control approach has engaged in controlling person to person transmission. Different t ypes of preventive measures such as social distancing mask- wearing alerts  for avoiding crowds and so on.

These measures have played a significant role in terms of controlling the spreading of coronavirus. ln the workplace, physical distancing has been maintained by assessing the risks as well as consulting with employees and workers. The process of thermal testing is employed by the organization in terms of av’oiding spreading of the novel coronavirus. In this regard, quarantine practice is one of the effective interventions to control the transmission of coronavirus (Girum ‹ / n/., 2()2t)). ln terms of reducing contamination different t ypes of disinfectants have been used by the people. Workplace readines.s is used as the indicator that involves enabling an option for t he organization in order to understand the current  condition along with preparedness. Basically, it is inx’ol›’ed in ensuring safet y for employees and other workers. The key resources of  infection  prevention  and  control  approaches  are  health workers, medical professionals, time, decision making strengths, and money and so on.  Apart from it helps to dev’elop a plan  for  post-pandemic  policies  as  well  as  procedures (Theguardian, 202). The pro,ject team has been conducted with medical professionals, health workers as well as government bodies. Moreover, workplace readiness is involved  in infrastructure development according to the current situation, maintenance of different safety measures, transjxirt facilities and so on. Organisations are involved  in  promoting  gotxl respiratory hygiene in the working env’ironment. ln this regard,  posters  have  been  displayed with messages which are effective for creating awareness among the workers (W HO, 2020) . Maintenance of social distancing is one of the effective  practices  in  current  .situations. Wearing personal protective equipment by medical  professionals  is  mandatory  in  the workplace. Apart from avoiding contamination masks, gloves, as well as eye  protectors,  have been used by the people in order to  maintain  personal  safety  as  well  as  government regulations.

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