Assessment Front Sheet

Learning Outcome 1 (LO1): Design (D)

D2: To demonstrate the capability to understand user needs and the importance of considerations such as aesthetics in the design of mechanical and related components or products.

D4: To demonstrate the capability to use creativity and design innovative components to meet a specific need.

Mechanical DesignLearning Outcome 2 (LO2): Engineering Practice (P)

P4 and P6: To demonstrate an understanding of the use of technical literature and relevant standards in the design of machine components.

Learning Outcome 3 (LO3): Engineering Analysis (E)

E3: To demonstrate the ability to apply CAD techniques and simulation capabilities to analyze design components or assembly.


The assignment will be marked on the work given in but if the mark achieved is below a pass the work will not be returned for additions or amendments and the grade achieved will be submitted to the exam board (in-line with the University of Wolverhampton regulations). If the work is not handed in by the due date it will be considered a zero grade (fail & repeat).

Assignment extensions cannot be granted without accompanying mitigating circumstances.

All course work MUST have the report word count provided at the end of the report.


The written report must have a title page, a contents page, and a bibliography, each section should be separate with a heading or sub-heading highlighted in some manner.

Late submission of coursework;

Where work is submitted late it will receive a mark of 0%, (fail & repeat).


To avoid plagiarism you must be sure you understand what plagiarism is, and how to avoid it.

A general reference at the end of a report to a source from which you have extracted text items is not acceptable.

For further information, see the information on the Universities regulations.

Assignment Semester 2 Design Report (Portfolio) Mechanical Design 4MA018

The assignment is to create a design report, testing your CAD skills, understanding of tolerances limits, and fits. Review and research the traditional manual mechanical whisk shown below. Analyze the design and create a new (manual) design improving the design, specifically the ergonomics. Ensure your design has a mechanical movement.

Note:     you do not need to model the existing design only your improved design.

The Design Report should include:

  1. Design report should include description of each part and research to include:
  • use,
  • material properties,
  • using knowledge from Engineering Practice and your research, your thoughts on possible manufacturing and assembly methods.
  • Discussion on the part features,

All parts, assemblies and drawings must be created on Solidworks Student edition 2017

Submission of this assignment is via a Canvas Assessment UPLOAD

You must keep an electronic copy of your work.

Submission date Thursday 14th March 2019

Assignment Created 03/09/2018