Website Design Assignment Help

Website Design Assignment Help

For this assignment, you need to produce a fully functional interactive web site. It could be web site for an internet shop, imaginary company, your own band, an event, your own personal web site, or anything else.

Website Design Assignment HelpThe web site must contain several linked web pages on the same topic. Good example could contain the following pages: about us, items or service offered, history, how to get to us, contact us, frequently asked questions, and similar. There should be the minimum of five web pages with the sufficient amount of the content on each page. There should be enough text to identify the layout of the page.

The whole project must be created in Notepad or any other simple plain text editor. No HTML development tools are allowed (i.e. Dreamweaver). You also need to produce a report that will consist of the following:

  • –        nicely designed title page
  • –        content page
  • –        user requirements
  • –        story board and site structure
  • –        site layout and colour scheme
  • –        general site description
  • –        test plan and test results
  • –        conclusion
  • –        bibliography

Your report must be in an acceptable business style; word processed, and must conform to conventional standards with regard to spelling and grammar.

The whole web site must be submitted electronically. The paper copy of the report must be produced as well.

Instructions and Activities:

Task 1

Identify the user needs and requirements. Use any data collections techniques you know and produce a document (which will be part of your final report).

Task 2

Design interactive web site. Produce story board and a site layout. Explain web site structure. Choose colour scheme you will be using.

Task 3

Implement the interactive web site. Remember the only tool available to you is Notepad or any other similar plain text editor. No HTML or WYSIWYG development tools are allowed. You are free to use any web page on the internet to view and analyse for a certain technique however it must ultimately be your own work.

Your web site must contain the following elements:

  • –        table with the visible border, and table with the invisible border
  • –        at least five internal images, and at least two external images
  • –        at least 10 internal links, and at least 3 external links
  • –        at least one image that is link
  • –        at least 15 images
  • –        background (color or an image)
  • –        “H” and “DIV” tags

–        local downloadable file which is not an image or web page (e.g. PDF or DOC file)

The web site must contain copyright information and no broken links. There also must be some kind of interactivity implemented using client-side scripting. This can be form validation that produces an error message if the form has not been filled in properly, or it can be the content itself that changes dynamically based on interaction with the user.

Task 4

Produce testing plan and test your web site. Include print screens to demonstrate how your web site looks in different browsers. Reflect on your assignment and state how you have organised and managed this assignment to achieve the production of the final report. Your report should contain a content page, introduction, conclusion and a bibliography of your sources

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