Unit 2 Small Business Enterprise – Shine Communication

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Unit 2 Small Business Enterprise – Shine Communication

2.1 Recommend with justification, appropriate actions to overcome the identified weaknesses in the business.

Shine Communication has only 50 employees who have a very tight schedule and each person works on two or three projects at one time which can be very stressful and tiring. It can also lead to duplication or less qualitative work. The company is into PR and marketing communication which requires new ideas and innovations in each campaign or project. New ideas and creative thoughts can only originate in peaceful and happy atmosphere and it is not possible with only 50 employees. Hence; in order to maintain the peaceful atmosphere and keep the employees happy and content, Shine Communications must hire new employees who can reduce the work load, provide new ideas and helps it in expanding their client portfolios.

Another problem or weakness which the shine communication is facing is the stiff competition from the local and the national organizations. In order to retain the existing clients and expand the no. of clients, the Shine Communications must attract new customers and clients through their own marketing and advertising. The emphasis must be on the awards, position and performances which the organization has achieved with only 50 employees.

2.2 Analyze the ways in which existing performance could be maintained and strengthened.

Shine Communication has good reputation, status and clients in the market. In order to strengthen and maintain their current performances and status, it can adopt many ways like:

  • The company must always follow their values.
  • It must generate new and creative ideas to maintain their performance.
  • It should always identify the changing trend and must upgrade itself accordingly.
  • Shine communication has strong relationship with all the employees. Team work is a very essential strength which is required for the success of the organization. Rachel Bell, the CEO of Shine communication has been a great leader and maintains good relation with each employee. Thus, the organization must emphasised on the team work and maintain healthy relationships with each other to maintain the existing performance.
  • Shine Communication has a great reputation among the general public as it donates heavy amount for the charity. It has donated a sum of more than £47000 annually. It should maintain its ritual of donating for the charities (Holmes report, 2013).
  • It also spends a large amount on its employees for their annual sports day, monthly outings; gallery visits and so on (Jones, 2011).It is done to motivate and appreciate the efforts and hard work of the employees.

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Recommendations: Being a small organization, shine communication works hard and passionately to deliver the qualitative services to its existing clients and uses different platforms to attract new clients. It should also continue the social services like charity to fulfil its Corporate Social Responsibilities.  It must always focus on motivating the new and existing employees and encourage the team work to maintain a healthy working environment.

All these methods and recommendations must be adopted, implemented and upgraded in order to maintain and strengthen their current performances and status.

2.3 Recommend with justification, new areas in which the business could be expanded.

Every business whether small or big, always has a scope of expansion. Expansion leads to new opportunities, success, growth, people and experiences. Shine Communication can also expand their business beyond the PR field in many other areas. It has a great scope in expanding the business in the field of marketing research . An area or industry which binds and inter connect consumers, markets, and public through the information is known as marketing research. In this field, the market information is used to analyse and identify the opportunities, solutions, marketing actions, activities and understanding the marketing process.

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While creating campaigns and advertisements for their clients, shine communications intensively studies the market, customers, their tastes and preferences and every other aspects of the market. It undertakes the role of researching. It also uses the ERIC system to measure the result or effect of the campaign through the consumer’s perception, reaction and behavioral change. Shine communications indirectly, performs the market research activities. It can use the same process and systems to identify and evaluate the impacts of product or services of a particular/specific organization. Therefore, it can expand its business in the marketing research field (Kiewitt, 1979).

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