The Article Of Assignment Help Work

The Article Of Assignment Help Work

The Article Of Assignment Help Work

Use attached article for assignment work, as per following guidelines:

provide a concise summary of how the case study is used (but avoid detailed discussion of the subject matter being studied)

  • briefly outline the methodological perspective adopted in the selected paper,
  • summarize the research questions, and explain how the case study is used to address those questions
  • Critically evaluate the way in which case study research methods are used in the paper.
  • The length should not exceed 1500 words.

The following questions should be used to further focus the critical evaluation of the paper

Can you locate it on interpretive…positive continuum? Consider the ontology and epistemology

  1. How is theory used in the case study?
  2. What is the focus of the case study and what is its purpose?
  3. How convinced are you by the case study? Consider its reliability, validity and generalisability; or use suitable alternative criteria.
  4. Other points:

  Do you have any criticisms or questions about the case; what are its good points?  Does it answer research questions?

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