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Q3) Successful conduction of a mega event presents massive opportunity of growth and development of the infrastructure in terms of buildings, rail, roads, hospitals, fly over etc. This rapid urbanization introduces new technology, new benefits and association but at the same time it has also introduced some problems in the systems. (Parent M.M. – 2008) has highlighted the role and inportance of infrastructure development and the associated changes in his work. The organization of the mega event on one hand increases an aspect on the other hand the other aspects are hampered. A lot of agents are associated with these changes but the prime beneficiaries as well as the prime affected population consist of local community. When a massive investment is made in infrastructure then it cast some positive and some negative effect on locals which has been tried to discussed below

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Maddox Smith Staff answered 1 year ago

Pros for local community

  • Improved infrastructure conditions relating to roads
  • Improvement in local transport facilities
  • Improved economic conditions by boosting local tourism
  • Improved healthcare facility and renovated hospitals as a part of infrastructure development project
  • Job creation
  • An increase in knowledge and enthusiasm level with respect to the infrastructural development facility
  • Increased opportunity of earning by increasing sales of goods and services as the movement of consumer will increase due to improved infrastructure facility relatd to transport.
  • Increased opportunity of earning by letting a part of their home to paying guest
  • Increased opportunity to know the culture of the people living abroad
  • Improved ground experience

Cons for local community

  • An increased littering of the local surrounding
  • Huge funds is needed to support and develop infrastructure , which in other case may be applied for the development of locals
  • An increased infrastructure development and an increased urbanization will result in misbalance of ecological and climatic condition
  • An increased infrastructure will increase congestion due to overcrowding will result into misbalance of peace and daily life routine pattern
  • In some cases the price of goods and services might go up due to an increasing demand of them due to the mega event and an increased investment in infrastructure.
  • Propensity to increase the tax burden by Municipal Corporation or by the government.
  • Chances of negative publicity cannot be avoided.


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