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Abstract Security of digital web platform against the unauthenticated and automotive access is a prime concern for service provider now days. To form a smart and secure membrane at the door of websites, many of the host use Captchas to filter out their guests. These captchas are basically an irregular and random arrangement of alphanumeric letters that are designed to make recognizable for human but difficult or completely impossible for BOT or any smart devices. But as the technology and hacker attention is improving, the traditional captchas are no more that feasible and reliable as they used to be. This paper is written to discuss the problem with the existing captchas design that leads toward proposing effective solution and discussing possible replacement for captchas. The new way to redesign captchas and replacement like multi-factor verification, using checkbox and interactive game approach is proposed through this paper that is expected to make it difficult for automated program to resolve access security.  Please see the attached files the instructions and my research that you will do the presentation for it please do all the instruction carefully as you always take more care for for the design part you can change the pictures and bring better pictures. if you can do better explanation for the design part and others by using graphic or anything else you see it is good. also take care all other parts and the stories and other thing you can show me your Creativity on it :) the presentation time is 20m.