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Q2) Healthcare facilities will be a running success factor in organizing of this mega event. Olympics are mega event which will attract a lot of visitors throughout the globe. Brazil is having an excellent opportunity ahead in terms of up gradation of their healthcare infrastructure and facility. In case of organizing a mega sports event like Olympic the supporters and the crowd emotional state is on a higher level, in some evident cases they clash with another group, rush into the ground causing health and safety hazards to themselves, players and others, a proper arrangement and presence of healthcare facilities will help the mega event to run smoothly. Changing food behaviour, Alcoholism, high smoking rate, use of banned drugs has increase the emergence of healthcare serviced in case of mega events. Ambulance and emergency health care services should be taken care of properly and a proactive planning is needed to support the healthcare service which is much needed to make the mega sports event successful. (Miningh L.J. – 2007) has explained the importance of medicine and health care facility in a sports event in his book.

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Maddox Smith Staff answered 1 year ago

The country is renovating the existing facility and building up the new facility to support the health care facilities at the mega event. In case of hosting OLYMPICS, the committee has also stated the requirement of the upgraded healthcare facilities which has to be fulfilled by the government successfully. Different events which are conducted successfully in the past have shown a great demand of healthcare facility and in this series itself “Athens Olympic” Cannot be forget. At first instance it seems that people will not need healthcare facility to a greater extent but actually when the topic is analyzed properly then the importance of healthcare facilities has emerge more prominently. (Panda T K. – 2013) has explained about the strategies with the help of which the changes in the respective field can effectively be managed.  Here are some examples which will support the emergence of health care facilities.

  • People will come from different part of the world, climatic conditions will be changing and the probability of health risk will be increasing as a result of which healthcare facilities are more needed.
  • Olympic will attract a lot of people as a result of which event will become more crowdy, if any uneven condition arise then also to support wounded people we need to have an upgraded health care facility.
  • In Brazil the cases of infected ZICA virus is there. If in case the spread out is more, then also upgraded healthcare infrastructure is needed.