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Q1)   Mega Event success factors ensure the clear commitment of the entire element involved as well as it also calls for a well designed and coordinated structure and team, where each one has an almost equal say in success. (Byers T. – 2016) has explained the critical success factors with respect to a mega event in his book.  The success depends upon a lot of factors but some of it which can be counted as extreme important is listed below

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Clear political Vision and commitment – Hosting mega event requires a lot of stability in terms of internal and external environment. Political environment is one of the important considerations without active support of neither which a mega activity can be planned nor the help of local and municipal authorities can be taken. A full political conviction only can help to create an environment of trust in society, economic market on national and international front. Hosting mega event requires a full cooperated support and conviction of local, national and regional government. (Houlihan R. – 1997) has explained the role of government in regulating spots in his book.  The political outcome and support can be gained in favour of hosting the mega event if its positive impact could be counted on society, locality and the nation. Pertaining to this case the Brazilian Government at all the levels has calculated the positive impact of organizing Olympic in terms of economy, infrastructural development, social development and other related development and then they have decided to go ahead with hosting the mega event.
Assessment of viability and associated Risk – This part is one of the important parts to be discussed. Assessment of technical, financial, operational, infrastructural and order viability should be accessed in advanced and if any deficiency is found the same should be reported to the competent authority at an early stage. The extent of direct and associated risk should also be calculated to see whether a country or a company is ready to bear these risks or not. A proper identification, assessment and management of these risks will increase the probability of success in hosting the mega events. (Ross T.- 2004) has highlighted the importance of risk assessment in context to an event organizing.
Planning and sequencing of activities – This part is related to formulation of an overall operational plan and then dividing it into a lot of small inter related and inter dependent parts. To each sub plan cost and time frame should be attached and there should be a separate authority to measure the progress and effectiveness.
Strong agency for application of plans and appeals – In order o host a mega event and make it a successful venture we need to have a separate agency who will look after the liaison, financial, human resource work etc. and at the same time the agency should be responsible to address the problems in the system successfully. Pertaining to the present case study the Government has already created a Separate agency for successful conduction of Rio – OLYMPICS – 2016.
Use of local resources – To ensure the success of a mega event at grass root level the local resources should be used more and more as possible, the effective and efficient use of the local resources will help in increasing the acceptance of the event and will generate economic and favorable returns too.
Proactive approach – In case of this event a proactive approach will be the most suitable approach .The implementing agency, the government, responsive authorities ,local government have to anticipate the changes which will occur in near future and should prepare themselves or upgrade themselves, the facilities and operations to tackle the forth coming requirements/ problems in an effective and efficient way. (Chalkley B. and Essex, S. – 1999) have also explained the concept of planning and proactive approach in his work.
Updated Infrastructure – This is one of the most important considerations to be considered while hosting a mega event like Olympic. The roads, stadiums, hotels, healthcare facilities, parking, restaurants, transportation facility, information board and charts each should be upgraded as compared to the requirements and international standards. The upgraded infrastructure will increase the acceptance and conduction of the event in a swift and efficient manner.
Presence of electricity back up plans and information bulletins – These are much needed aspect to support the basic facilities of mega event. Electricity back up and information bulletins are much needed especially to make the foreign visitors comfortable also there should be proper arrangement of help desk/ help cente4rs to facilitate the help. (Thompson Jr. A., Gomble E.J., Jain A.K. – 2006) have explained the importance of strategies and back up plans in his work.