Mention Three Elements Of Sexual Traits Unique To Humans

Mention Three Elements Of Sexual Traits Unique To Humans

Mention Three Elements Of Sexual Traits Unique To HumansWhile many species do not engage in sexual interactions (asexual organisms), most sexual species have a primary goal of procreation as the sole motivation for sexual interactions.  Humans are truly unique in that procreation is not the sole or even the primary motivation for many human interactions; for instance, one truly unique sexual practice for humans is contraception.

When considering humans on a larger scale, sexuality uniquely relates to individual identity, cultural development, and spiritual and religious belief systems.  In terms of individual identity, many people define themselves, at least in part, by their sexual practices, including sexual orientation, behaviors, feelings, and desires.

Every world culture also speaks to sexuality, proscribing specific acts and behaviors, which are desired, and denouncing some, which are considered inappropriate or unhealthy.

In some cases, one’s sexuality can also dictate what culture they are more likely to affiliate with.  Similarly, religious and spiritual practices speak to sexuality, in terms of reasons for having or not having sex, healthy and unhealthy sexual practices, and general beliefs about human sexuality in its various forms.

In terms of a common origin, all of these factors tend to interact with sexual health, in that health can be defined by the individual, the society/culture, or the religion.  Thus, individuals have unique beliefs and practices which they recognize as healthy or unhealthy.

The action related to these beliefs is often impacted by cultural and religious beliefs about what is healthy or unhealthy, which often leads to a complex system of acceptable and unacceptable sexual behaviours, which are usually conceptualized in terms of healthy (i.e. useful for procreation, feels good, etc.) or unhealthy (i.e. damaging, deviant, feels bad, etc.).

Consequently, the unique aspects of human sexuality are also an outcome of the other aspects of humanity that tend to be unique, especially culture and spirituality.

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