Guide To Writing A Philosophy Essay

Guide To Writing A Philosophy Essay

George Walker Bush once said about being the President of the United States,It’s hard work. Such is also the case with writing a philosophy essay. What makes it hard work?

  1. It’s abstract and abstract thinking isn’t easy.
  2. It’s technical and technical writing requires considerable brain power.
  3. It’s systematic and being systematic requires being organized, which we all know is work.
  4. It’s explicit and being explicit entails knowing exactly what your point is and it requires the ability to find the correct language to convey this point, which can be a real pain.Guide To Writing A Philosophy Essay
  5. It employs critical thinking skills and critical thinking skills do not necessarily come naturally.
  6. It’s foreign to many of us and tasks that are foreign often require more time and effort to complete than tasks that aren’t foreign.
  7. It can be emotionally challenging and doing things that are emotionally challenging can be, well, difficult.

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