Government Organizations Assignment part 1

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This is a solution of Government Organizations Assignment part 1 in which we discuss organizations which are involved in utilities, social services and welfare tend to have an extensive detail of every person in the country.


Government Organizations Assignment part 1

Government organizations are using general database for information and record keeping of everyone who is associated with them these days. Organizations which are involved in utilities, social process and welfare tend to have an extensive detail of every person in the country. It usually includes their family history, financial situation, educational history, medical records, travel records, insurance situation and legal issues a person is facing. The issue is the unauthorized usage of this information, leaking of data without permission and selling of data to the commercial establishment who in turn use this for sales and targeted marketing plan. There is a general outcry in society at large, media as well as surveillance organization when such misuse of data or data theft comes into light. Particularly in government organizations it is observed that compliance level remain low either due to extreme work pressure or lack of awareness (Delone & McLean, 2003).


First problem with computing is the safety and security of data, because it would be distributed and available in different locations of the world where laws might not be stringent. According to a recent publication from IBM, it is agreed that 80 percent of the big data sources which are in use today are not 100 percent verifiable for their accuracy of data source (Westfall, 2010). There are various other problems also associated with information governance like security of the big data which contain a lot of personal information of a customer and ethical dilemma which needs to be addressed. Some of the information which is shared in big data contain sensitive information and if it would has to go through scanning and verification then somebody would be going through the information which might not be authorized by the information generator (Schultz, 2010). There are various guidelines also available for information governance and record management systems like MoReq2010, ISO15489, DoD5015.2 criteria etc.

There is another form of privacy breach which is called as data snooping. It is often observed by many users that when they type a particular search word, phrase or even if they look for anything over the search engine, from that time onwards they get specific advertisements and promotional mails which are related to those specific terms. There is an immediate need to avert this situation before it goes out of hand and entire business practice turns into a psychological game based on data theft and manipulation of people (Kantor and James, 1996).

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