Design Project Assignment Help

Design Project Assignment Help

Design Project Assignment Help

Design Project: Students will design and present and outreach activity for a K-12 audience on a fluid dynamics topic.

  • Students can select the topic and audience age range
  • Students are encouraged to combine elements of their research or senior design projects
  • 20% of final grade
  • Teams of 1 – 3 students
  • Teams that combine undergraduate (or distance students) and graduate students will receive up to 5% extra credit
  • Students can pick their own teams
  • Distance students can also partner with on campus teams


November 9th – 1-page abstracts will be submitted to Dr. Betz. This should include your topic, your age range, and general concept

December 7th –Presentations will be given. All students are required to participate. Distance students can either prepare detailed a power point presentation (10+ slides) or submit a video of their project. If distance students chose to work with on campus students they can call or video conference with the presentation.

December 18th – Final report due and team evaluation due


  • 1-page abstract must be approved by Dr. Betz (10%)
    • Betz will determine if the project meets the desired depth and breadth
  • 8-page final report (50%)
    • Must include at least 3 references
    • Figures can be included in an appendix
    • Can be supplemented with files from computations
  • Final presentation (30%)
    • All team members must participate
    • 15 minutes for presentation
    • 5 – 10 minutes for questions
  • Evaluation (10%)
    • Each team member must turn in a 1-page evaluation of their contributions to the project

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