Creative Essay Writing

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Creative Essay Writing
2) Recreate a chance meeting between Nora and Torvald five years after the play’s end(A Doll House ).Write a page dialogue. be creative. A Doll House) 

One page : 225 words.

Creative Essay Writing5 years later- Nora opened a music school in the name of Rhythms. Helmer comes with his daughter Emmy to enroll her in the music school. Helmer is waiting outside the door of the music class with Emmy, there are other kids.  The class is over; kids go out one by one and Helmer enters the music room. The teacher is standing next to the piano, checking a music notation.

Helmer. Madame, Good afternoon! This is Emmy, my daughter, she is fond of music like her mother. I want her to learn music from you. Madame…

Nora. Emmy..! (she turns back and looks in amazement.)

She sees her husband Helmer and daughter Emmy standing in front of her after five long years.

Helmer. Nora…!! I can’t believe this…! Five long years…! World is too small…!

Nora. (With tears in her eyes) Torvald…! Please come in… please be seated… Estella…(calls her maid).

Estella. Yes Madame…

Nora. Estella, please send two cups of tea and the best cookies for the young lady.

Estella. Surely.

Helmer. How have you been these years? I hope these years have allowed you to be the woman you always wanted to be.

Nora. Yes, indeed, I realized my abilities, I learned to be independent, I learned to struggle and achieve what I want. It’s a great satisfaction. But…

Helmer. Congratulations Nora! You could finally learned to stay without me.

Nora. Really so… (turning back she pretends to close the music notebook and wipes out her tears) Emmy, darling come here…

Enters Estella with coffee and cookies

Nora. Emmy try this, I am sure you would like this.

Emmy hesitates and looks up to her Daddy.

Helmer. Emmy, this is your Mother. You may try the cookies.

Emmy. Mommy…!

Nora. I missed you darling, come in to my arms..! I will teach you music today onwards. Estella… please get her some more cookies…

Helmer. Nora what would be the fees?

Nora. Please Torvald, she is my daughter… and I have come to know the true value of money… you always wanted me to understand… I don’t need money now…

Helmer. Nora, you are a composed lady now…

Nora interrupts him.

Nora. Well Emmy, come with me.

She takes Emmy and Helmer to a room where she keeps all the Christmas gifts that she bought of her kids and her husband during these five years.

Nora. Emmy check the toys if you like these…

Helmer. You are still the person who like to surprise others with gifts…!

Nora. Yes… still the same person Torvald…

They look into each other’s eyes, suddenly the telephone rings.

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