Unit 2 Managing Business Activities To Achieve Results Assignment


Unit 2 Managing Business Activities To Achieve Results Assignment


2.1 Design plans which promote goals and objectives for own area of responsibility

Goals and objectives are the primary factors which can gain success for an individual as well as for an organization. Being a project manager of the sales department organization CCC I have my own responsibilities of achieving my own goals and objectives. Goals can be considered as the general, board and intangible factors while the objectives are specific, measurable, time bound etc. Hence through setting goal or objectives on can manage business operations and can achieve desired results.

A plan for the promotion of my goals and objectives as a project manager of marketing department is mentioned below.

  • Step 1: Understanding and analyzing the present situation of the organization, business operations, the information systems etc. This can help in the formulation of smart objectives.
  • Step 2: identification of the problems associated with the sales, profit generation, etc.
  • Step 3: conducting research so as to get information which is very essential in the formulation of the strategies for the achievement of the sales objectives as well as for solving the problems related.
  • Step 4: understanding the organizational structure and organizational design which can contribute to the promotion of goals and objectives.
  • Step 5: monitoring the performance of the employees which can affect the accomplishment of the goals and objectives.
  • Step 6: formulation of the different alternatives, selecting of the appropriate solution and implementing it appropriately.
  • Step 7: Monitoring and controlling2.2 Write objectives, which are specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and time-based to align people and other resources in an effective and efficient way

MBO, management by business objectives plays a key role in the successful achievement of the good results in the business operations. Through this method or strategy, the management formulates well defined objectives based on the requirement of the organization. Then appropriated strategies are formulated so as to achieve those objectives. So as to align people and other resources in an effective and efficient way SMART objective will have to be formulated. SMART objective in the sense, the objectives formulated should be specific, measurable, achievable, and realistic and time bound. Some of the SMART objectives for the organizations are mentioned below:

  • Specific: Be able to provide 100% customer satisfactory level through delivering good service, quality products, information etc.
  • Measurable: Being able to become the market leader and able to generate revenue up to $8 million.
  • Achievable: enhancing the scalability and the reliability of the organization.
  • Realistic: Following international standards in the sales activities through which reputation of the organization can be enhanced.
  • Time bound: Providing timely delivery of service and response to customer complaints and queries through which good reputation and image can be developed.

2.3 Implement appropriate systems to achieve objectives in the most efficient way, on time, to budget and meeting organisational standards of quality

In order to achieve desired objective the management of the organization CCC will have to implement appropriate systems like the work break down structure, Gantt chart, critical path analysis, risk management etc. While considering the case of the organization CCC also for achieving good results it will have to implement such systems. Work break down structure can be practice in each team. For example consider the sales team of the organization CCC. The process sales can be broken down into four parts which includes intimation, planning, execution and finally the closure.

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                                                              Work Break down Structure

Initially the process should be intimated to the whole team, then planning can be done through conducting various meetings and gathering opinions, the execution of the pan is done finally the closure of the sales. Through this a systematic achievement of the goals and objectives can be obtained. Similarly the Gantt chart also enables the sales manager to schedule the sales planning process in a more effective way so that the time and resources are not wasted (refer to fig 1). Some of the systems like Critical Path Analysis; PERT etc can also be implemented so as to identify the shortest and efficient path for the successful achievement of the goal. Through these systems the manager can also monitor the work of each individual involved in projects which are larger and smaller in size.

2.4 Carry out work activities meeting the operational plan through effective monitoring and control

Effective monitoring and control is very essential for the successful implementation of the proposed plans and to achieve desired results. Some of the work activities so as to meet the operational plan of the organization CCC are mentioned below.

  • Buying the used cars: for this operation the management will have to check and monitor the credibility and the reliability of the clients from which they buy used cars. They should have a proper control over the suppliers so that they get sufficient supply based on the demand of the cars (Rosemann & Brocke, 2015).
  • Operational functions: monitoring the business environment of the organization is very essential so as to take operational decisions like formulation of strategies, problem solving etc.
  • Marketing: Monitoring the trends and the requirements of the customers are essential to market appropriate products.
  • Sales: monitoring the performance of the sales executives is very essential here. The requirement of the customers should be monitored through proper monitoring of their buying behaviours (Marakas, & Brien, 2014).  Task 2

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