Century Classroom Writing Tips

Century Classroom Writing Tips

Century Classroom Writing Tips ,have Many Objectives giving to students some practice paper and them solve by my ideas by talking to a colleague and past student, I developed this assignment. I tried to ensure that the assignment would:
Address multiple Common Core standards
Hold students accountable while minimizing stress
Be structured enough to provide clarity while giving freedom to experiment
Be varied enough to keep students engaged
Get students to write for multiple purposes for assignment and them slove
I introduced blogging to my juniors, reminding them to keep an open mind about this experiment,We spent one period creating profiles and writing ungraded posts to get to know the interface.

Skill and Enthusiasm
First and all of student writing is improving by leaps and bounds. When I read their blogs,I don’t find myself pulling my hair out over the careless mistakes they make in formal papers. Not every post is perfect, but the majority are well written and free of grammar and usage issues that I am so familiar with seeing in their other work. If they become sloppy, all I need to do is politely comment about it on their blog, and I don’t see it again.

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