Case Study Research part 1

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This is a solution of Case Study Research part 1 in which we discuss which entire research has been conducted is explained.


Case Study Research part 1

The research is based on the adenoma and its different types that are differentiated through the genetic and pathological makeup. In this chapter, note on the research methodology type and the aim following which entire research has been conducted is explained. Based on the aim, several objectives have been developed that has been helpful to conduct the research in a proper manner and to acquire the desired outcome.

Type of Research

This piece of work has been conducted based on the case studies that comprises of information on sparsely adenomas and densely adenomas. The case studies help to provide better knowledge on the topic of concern. With the help of case studies it is possible to gain better understanding on the topic by critically analysing different information technology obtained from different case studies. As the topic is based on sparsely and densely somatotroph adenomas, therefore, their differentiation based on molecular level and clinical level are exhibited in a profound manner in the different case studies.

Significance of the study:

The study would generate information related to differences in adenomas that are densely or sparsely situated. As the differences in the two types of somatotroph adenomas have been conducted based on the clinical perspective, molecular and pathological level. Therefore, this research would contribute in developing a better understanding and knowledge of adenomas of different forms.

Research aim:

The aim of this study is to acquire understanding of the characteristics of sparsely and densely situated adenomas in terms of clinical basis. Another purpose is to evaluate the gene expression of the two types of adenomas.

Research objectives:

● To understand the concept of sparsely and densely somatotroph adenomas
● To identify the differences among sparsely and densely somatotroph adenomas
● To critically analyse the gene expression data of different adenomas
● To understand the characteristics of patients possessing sparely somatotroph
adenomas and densely somatotroph adenomas

Research questions:

● What is the concept of sparsely and densely somatotroph adenomas?
● How can sparsely somatotroph adenoma be differentiated from densely somatotroph adenoma?
● What are the genetic expression of the two adenomas?
● How the patients of sparsely somatotroph adenomas differentiated from the patients of densely somatotroph adenomas?

Structure of the dissertation:

The dissertation has been executed by following a typical format that covers separate sections necessary for a research work. In the initial stage of this study, an introductory chapter has been provided with information on the type of research and the significance it has in future aspect. Aim is also provided along with suitable objectives. In the following part, a background information is provided that covers the summary of the research topic and the information acquired from literature findings. It also comprises of the rationale and method outline followed in executing this study. In the next chapter, it is the literature review that comprises of critical analysis of different knowledge adapted from the literature postulated by different authors on similar topic. This is the main section that provides detailed knowledge of the adenomas and their differences. After this chapter is the research methodology that covers the selected approach and philosophies including design for conducting this piece of work. This section also comprises of the inclusion and exclusion criteria for selection of the case studies and articles. In the following chapter, a discussion part is provided that consists of the case studies and their analysis for presenting the collected data for this research. Lastly, a concluding chapter is provided that connects the objectives with the learning acquired throughout the study.

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